Water Hygiene

We offer tailored water hygiene services to help your business reduce the health risks of waterborne bacteria by identifying & assessing risks, developing action plans and providing solutions where required.

We offer the following services:

Legionella Risk Assessment

Legionella risk assessments are a legal requirement. The purpose of a risk assessment is to identify and assess all potential legionella risks within your property. We carry out risk assessments on hot and cold-water systems and provide our clients with a detailed risk assessment report which includes the following areas:
  • Executive summary
  • Scope of assessment, including clear identification of buildings systems and their use.
  • Identification of key personnel.
  • Identification of the risk systems.
  • Schematic diagrams or reference to them.
  • Results of condition surveys including analysis and evaluation of risk for each system including an explanation of how the risk rating is derived.
  • Recommended and prioritised corrective actions.
  • The site and system-specific control measures.

Water Sampling and Analysis

We conduct water sampling and analysis as part of ongoing legionella and other waterborne bacteria preventative maintenance programmes. We use an UKAS-accredited laboratory which tests for a wide range of microbiological and chemical parameters. On receipt of the results, we issue a final report which contains a full breakdown of results as well as any corrective actions required.

Clean and Disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection are a key factor in minimising the transfer of legionella from water source to host. Performing a clean and disinfection of your water systems will help keep them clean and free from contaminants. This will:
  • Improve water quality and system efficiency
  • Reduce build-up from biofilm
  • Minimise the growth of Legionella
  • Minimise system failures
  • Help you comply with L8 practices.

TMV Servicing

Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs) are typically used in water systems as anti-scald devices. Due to the temperatures that they operate at they are identified as being a contributory factor to the growth of waterborne bacteria such as legionella. It is for this reason that they require regular maintenance which includes fail-safe testing and full annual servicing.

Hot & Cold-Water Monitoring

Hot & cold-water outlets (tap, showers etc) should be monitored on a regular basis to ensure they reach the correct temperatures. This is essential to minimise the risk of legionella growth and to kill any bacteria.

Appoint VSS Ireland 

Our team can analyse the results of your assessments and recommend appropriate corrective action. We quickly resolve any issues and make your water system safe and legally compliant.

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