Automatic Opening Vents

AOV install, testing, servicing and remedial works
VSS Ireland Ltd install, survey, service and provide remedial services for smoke ventilation systems (AOVs) for a variety of applications. From basic head of stairwell systems in domestic properties to more complex, larger systems in large office blocks and public buildings.

All our AOV engineers are trained and skilled to test that all your component products meet current fire safety standards and building regulations ensuring that, in the event of a fire, all your smoke and heat evacuation vents automatically open and close without issue.

What is an AOV and what does it do:

Automatic Opening Vents (AOVs) are an essential fire safety component to any new or old-build commercial or residential building, from offices to apartment blocks to shopping centres and laboratories.

An AOV is activated by a smoke detector or a manual pull station/alarm being triggered in the event of a fire. An open AOV allows smoke to freely flow through it to exit the building, while in other areas, will be closed or automatically close to prevent the movement of smoke and heat within the building to contain the level of damage and contamination to unaffected areas.

Benefits of AOVs:

  • There are many benefits to having correctly installed and working AOVs in a building. With regard to the safety of occupants, as the AOV allows for the smoke to exit a building as opposed to being trapped in a confined space, it allows for better visibility for the safe evacuation of a building.
  • It also substantially decreases the possibility of flashover (an instance of a fire spreading very rapidly through the air because of intense heat.). This will allow for a slower increase in temperature.
  • On a lesser scale of importance, aesthetically, though smoke damage is unavoidable, it can in some cases decrease the amount of smoke damage done to a property as the smoke is not trapped in an area.


If you any questions about AOV in your building or require information about how they are serviced, please contact us on 0818 919 345 to discuss further.

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