Ansul Fire Suppression Systems

Installation & Servicing
Working on behalf of Halton, VSS Ireland Limited provides Ansul installation and servicing. All installation and servicing team are fully trained to perform servicing and installations on R-102 Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems on behalf of Halton.

An Ansul System is a wet chemical fire suppression system designed for professional kitchens. It covers all kitchen types whatever its configuration and whatever the cooking appliances are, from the simplest one to the most complex.

It is recognised worldwide by restaurant owners, insurance companies and local fire inspectors as the most efficient solution to controlling fire hazards in professional kitchens, without endangering guests or staff of the restaurant. It reacts quickly to a fire before it has the opportunity to grow and spread, automatically, with or without staff intervention and 24 hours a day.

The system is installed within your canopy to protect all appliances. Should a fire break out on any of the appliances the Ansul Fire Suppression System will be automatically triggered when the fire reaches a certain temperature that will cause the fusible links to separate and distribute the Ansulex fluid. The Ansulex fluid will extinguish or contain the fire depending on the scale.

Should the system not automatically trigger quick enough, a manual pull station is provided also that can be released by staff. This is additional mechanism to ensure the safety of staff and the protection of equipment in the event of a fire.

Should you have any queries or would like to enquire about the installation or servicing of an ansul system, please contact us today on 0818 919 345 or email

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