Particle Vacuum Testing

Air Hygiene Reporting

Ventilation supply and extract ducts can, over time, get contaminated with different materials such as dust, building material contaminants and microbiological bacteria. These can adversely affect the performance of a ventilation system whilst also putting residents and other occupants of a building at risk to their personal health.

By performing a Particle Vacuum Test or a Microbiological Swab Test on a ventilation system, tests are run on the air quality passing through the system by collecting test samples from different parts of the duct in test cassettes. These pre or post clean cassettes are sent to a laboratory for testing. A report is run on each cassette against 3 different SQC Ratings:

  1. Hospital/Lab
  2. School/Restaurant and
  3. Warehouse

Each cassette, depending on the level of contamination, is given a pass or fail rating. The results of this testing are then issued in a report to the client. In some cases, the results of these tests have lead to the uncovering of serious potential hazards.

It is a legal requirement to ensure air handling units are kept clean and contaminant free.

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